Parent's Corner

4/15/13- How to overcome fear of mistakes

4/15/13- Peaks and Valleys

1/29/13- Avoiding the Helpfulness Trap: Why parents shouldn't help your kids that much

10/15/12- Shoulder Pain? Protect Your Rotator Cuff Muscles- (Thinking beyond Internal/ External Rotation)

10/15/12- The Shoulder Is Not What We Think It Is

10/9/12- Better Parenting Through Silence

9/28/12- The value of Character

9/28/12- How to praise your kids

7/11/12- Athletes & Sun Exposure

6/19/12- Why each kid should be treated differently

6/12/12- Kid, you are not special

6/5/12- Coaching yourself after a bad race

6/5/12- Novak Djokovic Tennis practice

5/29/12- How to deal the sporting parents pecking order

5/23/12- Forget A's, get an M

5/17/12 - Are you encouraging your children to aim high?

5/17/12 - The Process, not the result

5/14/12 - What Teachers want to tell Parents

5/14/12 - Why help your child's Team and what can you do?

5/14/12 - What if your child wants to Quit?

5/2/12- No Excuses

4/24/12 - Pre-Workout foods

4/24/12 - Keep your shoulders healthy

 4/19/12 - The Blame Game

4/19/12 - Athlete empowerment and ownership

1/23/12 - Do's and Don'ts for Parents of Young Athletes Link to Assoc for Applied Sports Psych.

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